A New View of America

Post written by my friend Kyle Roberts

Last summer, after a well-deserved retirement, I decided that I wanted to see more of the country. After a lengthy divorce, this would be the perfect way to vent my frustrations, as well as a way to experience something new for a change in my life. Having bought a RV from a friend of mine, I was well on my way to beginning my quest for solitude along the open road.

First, I and to get my things in order before I left. This meant that I had to get Uncle Terry to watch the dog for me, and I had to leave the house in a secure state. So before I left, I made sure to lock all windows and doors, and set my alarm, which I got through www.securitychoice.com. My neighbors were nice enough to keep a watch on my property, so I did not have that worry in the back of my mind while on the road.

Since I was coming from Florida, I decided to venture out to the mid-west of the country first. It was a part of the country that I had never seen before. Seeing historic sites like the Alamo brought back a lot of child hood memories of television and movies.

It was nice, but I was looking for something more exciting. After a few weeks, I ended up in Nevada. Having a nice chunk of my annuity money in hand, I decided to press my luck at the casinos. Since my wife had taken half of what I earned in life, I decided that I would not gamble the rest of what I had too much. Just had fun with it. I have to admit, if I had done it much more, I would have lost the RV and needed a plane ticket to get home.
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