U-Pack for Move

Move over moving companies, U-Pack offers new concepts in moving trucks, below are several ways U-Pak is different:
• First, a truck is delivered to your home. You pack for complete control over what goes where, U-Pack then drives the truck to your new destination.
• Second, pay for what you use by linear footage and not by weight. Over estimated and over reserved? Just subtract the difference and only pay for what you used.
• And third, the average moving time for U-Pack within the United States is 2-5 business days, not 15-20 days like other moving companies.

U-Pack moving trucks is flexible in providing many options for your moving needs.


  1. Yes, nice new options for moving, and getting your things a lot faster.

  2. What a totally cool idea. I love this. But I'm not moving. Too darned much work! ha!


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