Buds That I am

I have been tagged by Squirrel Queen! The below photo was the tenth photo taken while waiting for my mother to be seen at the pain management's office. Here are some other pictures within the same set if you want to take a peek: a) A Touch of Lilac, b) Fan Palms

The rules are…
• Open your first photo folder and select the 10th photo
• Publish it and tell the story of the photo
• Link back to the person who tagged you
• Tag 5 friends and inform them

Buds That I am
Buds in raindropsThanks for your visit.

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  1. Love the close up photo shot -- it brings the beautiful details we miss when we just walk by,,,

    Lovely outdoor Wednesday -- Hope your Mom is doing better?


  2. S.S., I hope your mom is doing better also - pain management clinic does not sound like a walk in the park.

    Beautiful picture. The detail is exquisite.

  3. Thank you all for your visits and concern for my mommy. We've done everything we can for her pain. She is doing better than at the time and she has the determination of a titan!~

  4. Great looking macros, I love to see water droplets on plants. Thanks for playing.

    I just read your last comment, glad to hear you mom is doing better.

  5. That's beautiful! The water drops are simply gorgeous and refreshing.

    A prayer goes out to mom..

  6. thanks a lot for the tag, Amanda. your photos with the water droplets are very refreshing and inspiring. I also just read some comments regarding your mom, hope she feels a lot better.

  7. All I can say is Wow. Nice shot! I am your new follower now.

    Have a great day!

  8. Yes, I think I like macros photos now so much more...There are so much details I miss when just looking with naked eyes.

  9. Why is your mother in pain management????

    I love the little drops of water (or are those dewdrops?) .. brilliant!

  10. My mother has disc hernia, and other medical problems. She is always trying to better herself, which is really great - but she needs a full time service person, which I am getting burnout from trying to be. :-)


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