Monday Painting on the Building

One day I saw this beautiful art and couldn't help admiring. I could not believe someone would waste such fine work on a worn out building.

While I stood there trying to make out what the pictures are, I had a second unbelievable thought: it spelled SOFA. Again, why would someone spend the time and money to make a sign as such for a furniture warehouse?

After all the wondering, I still couldn't believe I am looking at this very special image at this part of town. I immediately thought of it for my Blue and Yellow Monday post. The yellow stands out even though there is very little of it.

It is not everyday and everywhere I see this type of art and painting, it's very unique and it must have taken some time to accomplished.

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  1. Pretty! make me think of a patchwork quilt. However, almost anything makes me think of quilts :-)

    I think it is a neat way to advertize! If people stop to look, maybe they will stop to shop?

  2. It is an unusually detailed mural. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Love the artwork.....beautiful.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. whoever did that is very talented for sure...Christine

  5. What a great idea for today's Blue Monday. Someone spent a lot time doing all that work. Regardless, it makes a great showing for you.

  6. That's awesome! Happy Blue Monday!

  7. Great find, it's so colorful and I love the cute umbrellas and boats.

  8. Well I think I would stop and take a look-see because of this beautiful sign. Nice post.

  9. It is vibrant and creative. I would have been enthralled too.

  10. LMAO!!! You are so funny! ahahahahha! Your very first lines made me laugh out loud! There you are...admiring an artwork...and then thinking of how stupid the artist must have been...wahahahahah!!!!

    You know...maybe that blue building IS a sofa/furniture company!!!!!



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