Shopping for Men's Clothing

How do you “find time to” shop? I haven’t been able to shop at ease since I had my baby. I stayed away from malls as shopping with her isn’t the ideal situation. I honestly spent a lot of time on the computer, and shop on the internet. At times, I feel like I live on the internet, but this is currently my best option, so I figured why fight it.

Buying men’s clothing is difficult for me because of a silly reason, but a very valid one. Men clothes are not as fun and colorful as women clothes. That said I browse on the internet where I am able to compare prices, adjust my price range, and even decide which styles I want to browse in the comfort of my home.

My significant other really needed some shirts and ties for work, but it seemed I always picked up pieces that he either shook his head or not too excited about. So, I looked for some help by researching for the in-styles for men. I was able to find some top picks and guidelines for the season.
I know I made the right choices when I saw him wearing one of the shirts the next day. Best of all, I did all this while my baby is sleeping, and not having to haul her around to different stores.
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  1. I like this website, for the guide line on their merchandises..

  2. Shopping on the internet is so convenient. I wish it had been available when my kids were little.

  3. @Diane AZ Shopping on the internet is becoming more realistic as everyday requirement. To compare prices.

  4. @Icy BCYes, they are informative and resourceful.


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