Find Me A Cheap Seat

I started my search online and was overwhelmed by the price variance and the different locations. I grew frustrated from seeking for the right venue, seats, and price. My friend told me about ACheapSeat.com. They have so many selections, and the site is very organized. You can find all sorts of tickets such as, horse racing tickets, circus tickets, and the New York Knicks Tickets. You can search by city on the site, so if you don’t know what to buy for that one couple, or relative. No more wondering what is playing where. You could easily order theater tickets for them in their town and view the seating chart prior to purchasing.

Birthdays come so quickly, especially when you don’t want your kids to grow up. As they get older, it becomes harder to top the gift from the year before. One of the things my son really enjoy doing is going to concerts, games, and shows. At his age it’s either mom buys or nothing.

The prices are reasonable and the purchasing experience was quite pleasant. Another plus is the option to have your tickets delivered via FedEx. Did I mention what I will be doing in February? Here is a little hint: some Disney On Ice Tickets are on its way via FedEx!
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  1. We went to Disney On Ice once, and it was fun..You guys will enjoy it!

  2. Yes. I am going through it for the third time. If you know what I mean. ;-)


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